After signing up for Delicious back in 2007, it quickly became a fixture in my life. I used it to not only bookmark interesting sites, but also used it as a portfolio of my online work, as a reminder to purchase items I’d seen online and as a pre-Instapaper tool for catching up on long-form stories.

So it was with sadness that I was greeted yesterday with a prompt to move my years worth of bookmarks to AVOS. While Delicious may continue to thrive under the new site, the feeling is similar to a parent telling a small child they are moving to a new school. Same desks, same chalkboard, same rules, except it doesn’t feel quite the same.

Instead of following the prompt to transition to AVOS, I ceremoniously began exporting my bookmarks and removing the Delicious bookmarklet from my browser. On the suggestion of The Post’s video editor, Steven King, I signed up for Diigo and imported my bookmarks to the site.

Delicious’s move highlights some of the pitfalls of being a tech aficionado — Web sites and gadgets come and go with some newer, better thing waiting in the wings to replace it. It’s why you should never become too attached to something that’s essentially a bunch of 1’s and 0’s.