Monday’s record 80-degree temperatures in Denver were replaced Tuesday night by a wet and heavy snowstorm that left trees bent, power out, and the wind howling. Some areas of the state got up to 10 inches of snow.

Bundled up Occupy Denver protesters argue with a policeman about their right to pitch tents in the park. (Image via YouTube)

Occupy organizers told police who tried to tear down their tents Tuesday night that they feared people forced to sleep in the open would die from the cold. In the following video from Occupy Denver, an organizer says that several people have already had to be removed from the park for hypothermia:

On the Occupy Denver Facebook page, a message from last night reads:

It is a rough night for [the] Occupy Denver team 24/7 tonight. Tarps, waterproof blankets and bedding, cold weather clothing, all could help... Despite the cold tomorrow, we will be doing non-violent protest training...

Despite the cold, a major protest is scheduled for Saturday in the park.

Protester Shannon Garcia, who is three months pregnant, told the Associated Press that while she is concerned about the changing weather, she and other protesters will stay no matter what.

“I’m freaking out a little bit, of course,” Garcia said. “[But] everybody here takes care of everybody, so I have no doubt that if things get really bad for me, I’ll be safe.”