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Update 2: The band confirms it was a stunt. Despite his comments on Wednesday, Jonathan Tortora wrote in an e-mail Thursday afternoon: “As a band, we thought it was pretty obvious that the video was staged and agreed that when talking to any media outlets we would neither deny nor confirm the truth -- deflecting questions about Gaga to talking about the band and all of our other endeavors.”

Update: An earlier version of this post said the person at the event was Lady Gaga. We have not confirmed that it was.

So you’re an indie-pop band in New York that wants a little attention for your musical stylings. If you’re lucky, you can ask your famous friend Lady Gaga to make an appearance at your show, so you can stand briefly in the glare of the megawatt spotlight shining on her.

But how many people know Lady Gaga well enough to say, “Hey, drop by Union Square on Sunday?”

Jonathan Tortora, from the band I Love Monsters, says he certainly doesn’t know her that well. But he and his band mates had a Plan B. They’d supplement their friendship with social media. The band sent out notes to Lady Gaga and her biggest fans to get her attention.

@ladygaga Hope to see you this weekend in Union Square, NYC. We’re playing your song live on the street all day! www.ilovemonstersmusic.comless than a minute ago via webI Love Monsters

After a day of playing a cover of Gaga’s new song “Born This Way” around New York City, the band said it gleefully watched the diminutive pop star with an outsize persona stroll into Union Square to hear them play.

Of course, the whole thing could have been a publicity stunt. And the person at the show might have been a Gaga impersonator. We’ve reached out to her representative, but haven’t heard back yet.

(Warning: Video contains PG-13 language.)

This isn’t the first time the band has experimented with roundabout ways of getting its music out there -- you may recognize its members from the <a href=”http://superbizzee.blogspot.com/2010/07/i-love-monsters-x-freecreditscorecom.html”>freecreditscore.com</a> band contest (it was one of the four finalists).

“A mob descended on Union Square, and she was out of there pretty darn fast,” Tortora said. But he hopes they’ll see her again soon. “Maybe we can open up for Lady Gaga one day.”

As for Miss Gaga, I’ve always wished musicians should wield their star power more often with <a href=”http://www.yourengagement101.com/daily-101/2010/10/01/bruce-springsteen-surprises-couple-in-engagement-photo/”>surprise visits to fans</a>. So, Lady Gaga, I hope it was the real you!