Harry Rebarbie, a Louisiana Shrimper, finds the remains of a dolphin on the shoreline between Grand Callicou Bayou and Oyster Bayou in Terribone Parish. More than 400 dolphins have washed up on shore in the Gulf of Mexico and scientists have confirmed that some of the dolphins had BP oil on their skin. (Julie Dermansky)

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GoDaddy.com’s Elephant controversy

Last week, the CEO of the Web hosting site posted a video of his vacation in Zimbabwe. Unlike a typical video of relaxing in the sun, the video showed Bob Parsons shooting and killing an elephant and villagers stripping the corpse of its meat. Outrage ensued, so much so that 20,000 customers of the site transferred their business elsewhere.

Missing reporters in Libya to be transferred

Four reporters missing in Libya since April 4 are reportedly in government hands and will be released soon, Nic Robertson at CNN reports on Twitter..

Budget deal marches nowhere

The wait in Washington continues as lawmakers failed to reach a deal in a late-night Thursday meeting. Federal workers are gearing up for a not-very-welcome vacation.