When former secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld stopped in Boston last night to promote his biography, he was greeted by a bullhorn, banners that called him a “war criminal” and hecklers who attempted to make a citizen’s arrest, the Boston Globe reports.

A protester drives with a truck dragging a giant sign that reads “Donald Rumsfeld War Criminal” (YouTube)

As Rumsfeld took questions from the crowd, he was interrupted by three more protesters who challenged the U.S. invasion of Iraq. Rumsfeld defended that decision as part of wide-ranging remarks, saying: “Saddam Hussein had in place the people to develop chemical and biological weapons. ... He had the precursors that were required to develop them, and he had a dual-use facility.”

Below, watch three videos of the protests that took place:

After the event, Rumsfeld tweeted: “Thanks to WRKO Boston for a fine event last night at the historic Old South Meeting House.”

(Via Storyful.)