Jon Stewart took issue with the media using early presidential polling numbers as an excuse to give a huge amount of coverage to Donald Trump, making him seem like the frontrunner for the 2012 Republican nomination.Using early polling numbers from past elections, Stewart showed that initial front runners rarely win.

“If there is one consistent theme to these early polls, it’s that they’re consistently wrong,” Stewart said. He then used presidential polling numbers from 2007, when Rudy Guiliani and Hillary Clinton were leading their parties, to show how these numbers did not predict the 2008 nominees.

By Stewart’s standards, The Washington Post is guilty of over-covering Trump’s polling numbers, birther claims and chances as a candidate, though Post blogger Jennifer Rubin took Stewart’s position, criticizing the media’s coverage of Trump and his polling numbers on the blog, Right Turn:

“The media offers half-hearted justifications for showering him with coverage. He’s rising in the polls! Well, non-stop celebrity coverage usually does show up in polls that at this stage reflect nothing more than name recognition (ask President Rudy Giuliani). He is a “new face” in the race. Actually, he’s an old face who’s dangling the prospect of a presidential race to garner attention.”

Watch Stewart’s polling number take down below: