The Dougherty siblings - targets of a week-long, nationwide search - were captured in southern Colorado after a short chase during which, police say, they fired shots at their pursuers. (CBS News)

According to an affidavit, Lee-Grace Dougherty told the tale of how the three Florida fugitives ran from police in Colorado, fired at officers and crashed their car. Lee-Grace was shot in the leg during the final confrontation, for which she blames herself.

“I pointed the gun at the cop. I deserved to get shot,” she says in the arrest affidavit, according to the Boston Herald .

One of her brothers, Ryan Dougherty, was supposedly driving the car as her other brother Dylan shot at officers from the right side of the vehicle. Ryan reportedly crashed into the guardrail and flipped the car. He then ran from the scene as Lee-Grace pointed a gun at the police. They ordered her to drop the gun, but she refused. The police officer shot at her, hitting her in the thigh.

A nationwide manhunt for the siblings started last week after they were accused of shooting at another police officer in Florida and robbing a Georgia bank. The trio will likely be charged in Colorado, Georgia and Florida.

Watch a news report of the final moments of the gang’s flight: