Dylan, Lee Grace and Ryan Dougherty are accused of firing shots at a police car and then robbing a bank in south Georgia.

The Colorado State Patrol confirmed to the Colorado Springs Gazette that the three fugitive siblings were arrested Wednesday morning after a high-speed chase and crash. The fugitives’ car rolled and one of the siblings was injured, though not seriously.

Dylan, 26, Lee Grace, 29, and Ryan Dougherty, 21, (pictured above) are suspected of firing at least 20 shots at a Florida police officer during a car chase after he attempted to pull them over. (See the video of the car chase below.)

A few hours later, three masked people robbed a bank in Valdost, Ga. Police suspect the same group — two brothers and their sister — of being responsible for both crimes.

On Tuesday, a sighting in Colorado Springs gave the manhunt its first lead in nearly a week of searching. The trio was sighted buying camping equipment just north of downtown at an REI store.

The siblings all have criminal records. Dylan, 26, has one arrest on a marijuana charge. Ryan, 21, has 14 felony arrests on his record, and recently registered as a sex offender after being convicted of sending sexually explicit text messages to an 11-year-old girl. Lee Grace has five arrests for hit-and-run and several misdemeanors, ABC News reports.

Watch the video of their first run from the police here: