Tornados ripped through Massachusetts, killing four people. (Adam Hunger/Reuters)

China denies it had any involvement, but Google claims hackers based inside the country knowingly hacked into government and journalist e-mails on Gmail. The e-mail of at least one Cabinet-level U.S. official was compromised.

NATIONAL: Drug War lost

The global war on drugs has failed, the Global Commission on Drug Policy found in a new report. The group, including former heads of state and former U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan, recommended a decriminalization of marijuana and other controlled substances.

NATIONAL: Weiner roasts on

“I can’t say with certitude,” is fast becoming the latest catch-phrase in the annals of “Things Politicians Ought Not Say in a Public Relations Debacle.” As Rep. Anthony Weiner continues to struggle with the supposed hack of his Twitter account, The Post’s Karen Tumulty and Felicia Sonmez look at how his handling of the situation has backfired.

SPORTS: Shaquille O’Neal retires via Twitter

A short note and a video link, and like that one of the biggest retirement announcements was made. No big press conference, no big fanfare. Shaquille O’Neal is stepping down after 19 seasons. The Post’s Mike Wise writes about how his exit is just as graceful as his playing style.

ODD: Elephant cleans up Joplin

A circus near the devastated town of Joplin offered up its services in the cleanup: