WORLD: Fighting rages in Libya

A surprise appearance by Moammar Gaddafi’s son Saif al-Islamdealt a P.R. blow to rebel forces. He had been reported as arrested, but his self-assured display at a journalist hotel (photographed above) said otherwise, causing concern that the rebel hold on Tripoli had been exaggerated.

COURT: Dominique Strauss-Kahn case at an end

After prosecuters sought to drop the case against Dominique Strauss-Kahn, a court date has been set for later Tuesday. After three months of a high profile case, which accused the former head of the International Monetary Fund of raping a maid, Strauss-Kahn may go free today.

MEDIA: Former News of the World editor after leaving for job with David Cameron

One link in the phone hacking scandal has been closely watched, as it could unite the wrongdoing at News of the World with the prime minister of the U.K. Andy Coulson, once the editor of the tabloid, left the paper to work with David Cameron. The BBC now reports he was making several hundred thousand dollars in severance pay from the News of the World at the time, even though Coulson testified before parliment that he was making no other income at the time.

MUSIC: Nick Ashford of Motown dies

Nick Ashford, one half of the songwriting team Ashford & Simpson, may be remembered for his hit songs “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” and “I’m Every Woman,” but it’s his love story that should be told. He met his writing partner Valerie Simpson when he was a homeless would-be dancer in New York City. She was a 17-year-old music student. Thirty-eight years, and two daughters later, only death divided them.