(Bob Anderson/AP)

But the elusive bird is finally showing a different side these day — a far more cuddly side. A streaming video site has introduced the eagles of Decorah, Iowa, up close and personal, as an eagle couple waits for its children to hatch.

Here’s footage of the first hatch:

The Raptor Resource Project installed cameras 80 feet up a tree in Decorah to follow the pair of eagles in their nest . The live stream has captured hundreds of thousands of viewers, so much so the site crashed on Saturday during the first egg hatching.

But before you think it’s all just adorable fuzzy chicks, prepare yourself for some of the more harsher aspects of the wild. One BlogPost reader writes in: “We had a Bald Eagle that wintered on our property in the Four Corners ten years ago so I am a huge fan and check in on this live cam site as often as possible. The Web site made national news recently and also has a bustling chat. I am trying to get used to the body parts in the foreground (muskrat, rabbit, crow, fish) and the glimpses of the young eaglets really help.”

The first eagle hatched on April 2. One more followed suit and a third egg is expected any day. Follow the live cam here:

(Thank you, Pat!)