This year, though, technology wants to invade Earth Hour. An iPhone app put out by the World Wildlife Fund offers up a flickering candle on your smartphone screen that will glow for the one hour and is “zero-emission,” compared to a regular candle. (Though, of course, electricity will be necessary to recharge the phone after the hour is up.) It promises on the Web page to be “the perfect accessory for a romantic dinner during Earth Hour.”

In my test run of the app, the flickering candle does not offer up enough light to let you see the table, let alone your romantic partner a foot in front of you. Of course, that may be the exact kind of conditions for romance to flourish in, but I’d recommend sticking with tried and true wicks and wax. Or opt for the flashlight app, so you’re not bumping into furniture the whole time.

And for some background music:

Happy Earth Hour!

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