School children practice their "drop, cover and hold" technique, as they participate in the "Great Southern California Shakeout." (Damian Dovarganes/AP)

West Coasters immediately started to mock the shaken and nervous East Coast, but they also got to share in some of the earthquake experience when a 3.6-magnitude quake hit near San Leandro, Calif. and a 4.2-magnitude earthquake near Mammoth Lakes.

Writer Mat Honan sized up the 3.6-magnitude quake felt throughout San Francisco with this tweet: “That’s what we get for making fun of the East Coast today.”

The news swarm over the rare earthquake in Virginia, coupled with the other earthquake reports had some speculating on doomsday scenarios.

“I sure hope this whole earthquake-thing hitting Massachusetts, Colorado, and every other place doesn’t turn into ‘The Day After Tomorrow,’” wrote a Twitter user going by the name of DJ Knight Sweetie.