Egyptians lined up in large numbers at the polls for a second day Tuesday to vote in the first free elections in decades and since the ousting of president Hosni Mubarak. While the voting was mostly peaceful, logistical problems plagued many polling stations Monday, and Tuesday, allegations of election fraud sprang up.

Above, a photo from al-Jazeera reporter Rawya Rageh shows “illegal flyer-ing as it's happening” at the polls.

Egypt’s National Council for Human Rights says it has received 391 reports of “voting irregularities,” including election propaganda and distribution of cash by candidates.

A series of videos, uploaded by YouTube user EGCandidateX, purported to show activists campaigning outside polling booths and handing out election leaflets. Watch one of the videos below:

The voting follows a violent crackdown by security forces on week-long anti-military demonstrations. Some said they were boycotting the elections because, according to 27-year-old activist Ganzeer, “they’re a sham”until the army gives back the power to civilians. Photos shared on Twitter Tuesday showed that many polling stations were empty.

The voting will be conducted in stages over a period of three months.