It is the worst incidence of soccer violence Egypt has ever seen.

Soccer fans rushed the field Wednesday after the home team unexpectedly won, and the ensuing stampede killed at least 73 people and injured 1,000 more in a port city.

A soccer fan flees from a fire at an Egypt stadium Wednesday. (STRINGER/REUTERS)

Below, a partial list of other ugly sports riots in recent history, via the Bleacher Report:

Lakers celebration riot, 2010:

Though LAPD officers expected some unruly celebration after the Celtics-Laker finale, the thousands of Lakers fans emerging from the Staples Center still managed to tear up a good part of the city. Cars were stomped and windows broken before police brought out riot gear and tear gas. Dozens were arrested.

Argentine soccer riot, 2007:

A soccer game between Nueva Chicago and Tigre erupted in riots after one of the teams was given a penalty during injury time. The clashes left one person dead and 41 injured. Seventy-eight people were arrested.

Milan football flares, 2005:

A UEFA Champions League playoff game between AC Milan and Inter Milan was halted because Inter fans shot flares and missiles onto the field. The goalkeeper of AC Milan was hit with a flare.

Red Sox riot, 2004:

Emotional Red Sox fans celebrated their World Series win outside of Fenway Park by running naked through the streets, destroying cars and setting fires. Boston police brought out “pepper guns,” and an Emerson College student was killed by a paintball-like projectile.

Ghana soccer riots, 2001:

A soccer match between two of Ghana’s top teams ended in a stampede that killed more than 120 people. It was dubbed Africa’s worst ever incident of soccer violence, though another stampede in South Africa in 2010 involved thousands of fans, and injured 15.

European Cup stadium disaster, 1985:

A European Cup final between Liverpool and Juventus at Heysel Stadium in Belgium escalated after British soccer fans tried to get into the stadium. Juventus fans trying to escape the stadium were caught behind a wall of concrete, which soon collapsed on fans standing on the other side. The disaster left 39 people dead and some 600 injured. UEFA called it “it’s darkest hour.”

Egypt soccer riot, 2012:

Watch video of the riot Wednesday in Egypt below:

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