The image used on the official Facebook page of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces. (Image from Facebook)

In an attempt this week to show it’s committed to a better transition, the military posted a poll on its Facebook page asking voters which presidential hopeful they like best.

The move was a marked difference from elections under Mubarak, which were often filled with fraud and rigging.

The first parliamentary elections since the ouster are expected in September, although some political forces have said a new constitution should be written first.

The military’s Facebook poll of 18 candidates has gotten more than 100,000 responses,with pro-reform leader Mohamed ElBaradei in the lead with 35 percent of the votes as of yesterday. He is followed by the Islamic scholar Mohammed Selim al-Awa.

The poll can only be seen by the one fifth of the population of 85 million who have access to the Internet, but some say it could indicate who the front-runners for the presidency might be. Skeptics have said that they’re worried generals may use the poll to promote their favorite candidate, likely a candidate from the well-entrenched Muslim Brotherhood

See the poll below.

(Thanks James!)