(Sussex Police )

The woman was unhurt but shaken by the incident at Ladbrokes gambling parlor in Brighton at 10 a.m. Monday.

It wasn’t the King impersonator’s first heist. Last Thursday, the same man attempted to rob another betting shop wearing a fake bushy beard and holding a black handgun, according to police. He got away with only a set of keys.

Nor was ‘Elvis’ the first to wear a mask as he conducted a stick-up. Below, we round up some of our favorite masked robberies:

(Loudoun County Sheriff's Office)

In April 2010, three men robbed a gas station while wearing masks from the movie “Scream.”

One clever robber in December 2010 used a lifelike black mask (he was white) to conduct six robberies in Ohio. His trickery resulted in the initial arrest of a black man before police realized they’d been had.

Last December, a gun-toting man in a Hillary Clinton mask robbed a bank in Sterling, Va. (See above.)

And in May in Chicago’s Palos Heights, armed bank robbers wearing nun masks and habits similar to those in the movie “The Town” staged a Sunday afternoon robbery, making off with a duffel bag full of cash. “Dropped Like a Bad Habit!” newspaper headlines read.

And my favorite masked robbery of all: Two men that conducted a heist back in October of 2000 opted to take the cheap route by using a sharpie on their faces instead of buying a mask that might have actually hidden their identities. It didn’t end too well for them.