Eva Rausing, the wife of the billionaire Tetra Pak heir Hans Rausing, was found dead Tuesday in the couple’s London home. Here’s everything you need to know about the wealthy couple and their travails.

This photo from Nov. 26, 1996 shows Eva Rausing, right, and her husband Hans Kristian Rausing in London. (ALAN DAVIDSON/AP)

Who was Eva Rausing?

She was an American and the daughter of a wealthy Pepsi executive

She also was a prominent philanthropist, donating hundreds of millions to the U.K.’s drug prevention Mentor Foundation and other groups. The couple have four children

Has anyone been arrested in the death?

Rausing’s husband, Hans, was arrested on drug possession charges, and police are questioning him about the death, the AP reported.

Hans Kristian Rausing, the 49-year-old heir to the multibillion-dollar Tetra Pak company, “has been arrested in connection with the death of his wife Eva after her body was found at their luxurious west London home,” the Guardian reported.

Hans Rausing is receiving treatment at a London hospital, and police have not said that foul play was involved in his wife’s death or that a crime was committed, according to the AP. An initial autopsy did not determine a cause of death for Eva Rausing.

Why was he arrested in the first place?

Police first arrested Rausing on suspicion of drug possession.

“The man was later rearrested in connection with the death, which is being treated as ‘unexplained,” the Guardian.said.

It’s possible that Rausing had been dead for days before her body was discovered, according to reports from the Telegraph and the Times.

The couple had previous run-ins with the law in connection to drug-related incidents. In 2008, Rausing was arrested outside the U.S. Embassy in London for reportedly having crack cocaine and heroin in her handbag, according to the AP.

How did they earn their billions?

Rausing’s Swedish grandfather Ruben Rausing invented the Tetra milk carton in the 1960s, and Rausing’s father was ranked by Forbes in 2010 as the 64th richest man in the world. The fortune of the senior Rausing and his family is estimated at $6.7 billion by the Sunday Times Rich List.

Rausing’s father later sold the business to his brother, Gad.

What is Tetra Pak?

Originally, the company manufactured laminated drink containers that could be stacked like bricks for easier transport.

Today, Tetra Pak is one of three companies in the Tetra Laval Group, which is headquartered in Switzerland. The company makes a variety of packaging products and processing equipment.

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