In a twist made for the movies, the tipster who helped the FBI catch notorious Boston mob boss James “Whitey” Bulger has been identified as a former Miss Iceland, the Boston Globe reports in an extensive story Monday.

Whitey Bulger and Catherine Grieg. (AP/FBI)

Anna Bjornsdottir, who was Miss Iceland in 1974 and a former model and actress, befriended Bulger and his girlfriend Catherine Grieg in Santa Monica after seeing them feed an abandoned cat named Tiger. Known to her as Charlie and Carol Gasko, Bjornsdottir recognized the couple when she saw them on CNN. The former beauty queen was rewarded $2 million for her tip.

Bulger, who escaped prosecution for 16 years until he was captured in June in California, has already been the inspiration for the villain in Martin Scorsese’s “The Departed,” played by Jack Nicholson. But after news broke today of the way Bulger’s was caught — a capture à la John Dillinger and the “woman in red” — many speculate a new movie deal could be in the works. BlogPost takes a stab at who would play whom in the dramatic gangster film:

Anna Bjornsdottir — Helen Mirren

The academy-award winning actress bears a slight resemblance to Bjornsdottir. She has played queens, Shakespeare’s leading ladies and spy agents and could easily slip into a role as beauty-queen-turned-informer.

Catherine Grieg — Judi Dench

With the same piercing blue eyes and her many roles in Shakespeare’s greatest dramas, Dench is sure to be able to pull off the wily, clever-tongued, aging girl friend Catherine Grieg.

Whitey Bulger — James Caan

Because Nicholson already played Bulger in the “Departed,”and James Gandolfini is forever ingrained in our minds as Tony Soprano, we’re going to go with James Caan on this one. “The Godfather” movie is enough years away to allow Caan to play a new mob boss, and we can see him easily getting into the whole Boston-born Robin Hood gangster thing.

Watch the trailer of “The Departed” for more inspiration: