Farmers clear out watermelons that had exploded from a rented greenhouse in Danyang city in eastern China's Jiangsu province on May 13. (AP)

Across farms in easter China, acres of watermelons have burst open in a phenomenon scientists are having a hard time explaining.

Some Chinese officials suggested its due to the heavy rainfall, while a Chinese agriculture professor linked the problem to forchlorfenuron, a legal chemical that promotes growth. Whatever the cause, it has added to a number of food scandals China has faced over the past few years, including tainted milk, toxic bean sprouts, and filthy cooking oil. The watermelon explosion has raised concerns that farmers are overusing chemical growth hormones.

While there are videos of the aftermath of the lost crops, I couldn’t find any of the watermelons actually exploding. In place of that, here’s this video of unexplainable beauty with drinks, salad and even a chicken sent flying through the air: