The second season of TLC’s “Extreme Couponing,” premiering tonight, has received some surprisingly good reviews for a reality show seemingly focused on such a mundane task. But of course, the show isn’t about the coupons, it’s about the oddballs who obsessively clip them.

The Post’s Hank Stuever wrote an excellent review of the show, calling it “fascinating yet deeply disturbing.” Stuever wonders whether the show is a commentary on the Great Recession, consumer culture and the difficult economic times we live in, or maybe “just another weird reality show about the freak next door!” The question — “Am I watching this because it’s a fascinating sociological study or do I just like watching weird strangers?” — is a worthwhile one. Whether TV viewers want to admit it, they seem to be tuning in more and more to shows about real people living in extreme circumstances everyday, with TLC giving these reality TV junkies their fix.

While one could argue that TLC offers viewer the rare insight into the lives of unusual people, the cable channel has became something of a circus. Shows like “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant” and “Sister Wives” have opened TLC up to mockery, including a hilarious fake advertisement promoting “Dwarf Hoarders.” (Watch it below.) Will you watch “Extreme Couponing?”