While Eastern Europe freezes over because of Arctic air blowing out of Siberia and Denver is covered in a sudden snow dump, Washington is pushing up daffodils:

Daffodils bloom in Rock Creek Park on Feb. 2. (Elham Dehbozorgi)

Yes, daffodils. Punxsutawney Phil be damned.

American hymn writer Anna B. Warner almost predicted this, more than 100 years ago:

Daffy-down-dilly came up in the cold/ Through the brown mould/ Although the March breeze blew keen on her face/ Although the white snow lay in many a place.

Except Warner was talking about April. Might we remind you, it’s early February.

But this weekend may bring more wintry weather to the Washington region, thanks to a small possibility of snow.

Whatever will the daffodils think?

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