At a time when tech companies report difficulties finding enough qualified American programmers, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is expanding his tech talent search worldwide.

Zuckerberg has been on a world tour of programming contests, traveling from Buenos Aires to Jakarta to Bangalore — and everywhere in between — holding “hackathons” in which top developers build Facebook apps alongside Facebook engineers.

His final stop was Moscow, where the entrepreneur met with Russian prime minister Dmitri Medvedev on Monday. He documented the visit on his own Facebook page:


“While I'm here, I'm going to be speaking at a hackathon that's happening, with a bunch of different companies and developers that are here, just to kind of encourage and help them build things on top of Facebook,” Zuckerberg told Medvedev, according to the Moscow Times .

Russia’s communications minister tweeted that Medvedev urged Zuckerberg to open a research center in Moscow rather than lure away the country’s programmers, the AP reported.

Zuckerberg will address students at Moscow State University on Tuesday evening.

No word yet as to who will play Medvedev in the “Social Network” sequel.

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