Osman Araya, 29, is hugged by a relative as he becomes the sixth miner to exit the rescue capsule. (Getty Images)

Almost a year after the 33 Chilean miners, pictured above, were pulled from beneath the ground and became international celebrities, the men are back to living a life of poverty, forced to work underground, waiting for court cases to settle.

HISTORY: Woman claims her uncle was skyjacker D.B. Cooper

The FBI’s new lead in the 40-year-old plane hijacking case of D.B. Cooper may come from an Oklahoma City woman, who claims, as a child, she overheard her uncle Lynn Doyle Cooper discussing the plot with his brothers. Her uncle died in 1999.

WORLD: Sydney collar bomb was fake

The police in Australia have announced that the supposed bomb strapped to a teenage girl for 10 hours on Wednesday was an elaborate hoax. However, they still believe it was a case of extortion.

WORLD: Cat fight at Kabul embassy

A battle is brewing at the U.S. embassy in Kabul: kill the cats or not. Cats as in the furry animals that purr. Seriously.