US Army Chinook helicopter. (PETER PARKS/AFP/GETTY IMAGES)

“We’re really sad that our son is gone. But we know that he would have done it all again,” Karen Vaughn, Aaron’s mother, said on NBC’s “Today” show Monday. “He loved every minute of his life.”

Vaughn was one of 30 U.S. service members, including 22 members of SEAL Team 6, and eight Afghans who were killed Saturday when insurgents shot down a Chinook helicopter in Afghanistan.

“Aaron was an amazing father and I’m proud that I will get to carry on his legacy through his children,” his widow, Kimberly Vaughn, said. The couple welcomed a daughter just two months ago.

His father Billy Vaughn said that his son wanted to become a SEAL from the time he was a child but especially after 9/11. His mother said she “was most proud of Aaron’s humility and his nobility,” as well as his faith.

“Everything he did was secret, and it just feels really strange right now that only in his death can we celebrate who he was in his life,” Karen Vaughn said. “It’s a very difficult concept to understand.”

Information and interviews about the other fallen service members have been collected by the Washington Post’s Checkpoint Washington.

When asked what Vaughn’s children, 2-year-old Reagan and baby Chamberlyn, will remember about their father, Kimberly Vaughn replied, “They will take away his love for Christ. They will take away is strength and his love for this country.”

And in a heartbreaking moment of realization, an emotional Kimberly Vaughn concluded, “And they will know what an amazing man he is — was.”

Watch the interview below.

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