An aid worker films the rotting carcass of a cow in Wajir near the Kenya-Somalia border on Saturday. (STR/REUTERS)

For months, aid agencies have been sounding the alarm about drought in the Horn of Africa. A week ago, the United Nations officially declared famine in Somalia. Officials are now warning that 800,000 children could die of malnutrition.

Some of the photos that have emerged from the crisis have been powerful. The one above — of an aid worker crouching in the dust of Wajir in Kenya in a nearly unsoiled suit and bright red shoes filming a rotting cow carcass — raises the question of whether the aid caravan has been too late to prevent Africa’s crisis.

The photo is also a reminder that the $500 used to purchase the iPad in the aid worker’s hand could feed 100 children for 50 days.

And it brings to mind the 1994 Pulitzer Prize-winning photo taken during the Sudan famine, which depicts a starving child crawling  toward an United  Nations food camp as a vulture stands watch behind him. The photographer who took that photo, Kevin Carter, committed suicide three months later over regret that he had not helped the child.

If you’d like to help, you can do so by texting “FOOD” to UNICEF (864233) to donate $10, enough to feed a child for 10 days. Or go to our full list to see other ways to help..

(Thanks, Anup.)