Dads are awesome.

The one piece of advice your dad offers over and over again, the non sequitur that is just so your dad, the inanely bad, and yet still charming pun — there’s something in­cred­ibly comforting in knowing the same joke or line your dad will always drag out. Before Father’s Day on Sunday, we thought we’d solicit dad quotes. We started with a few of our own. Let us know yours: 

A piece of the puzzle is missing!

What the old man says anytime a member is absent from a Bell family gathering. — Melissa Bell

They shoot you in Vegas for that.

When we played card games, my father used to correct my brother and me for etiquette mistakes (such as holding your cards under the table). — User engagement editor Jon DeNunzio

Remember: seasoning is a process, not an event.

What my dad says every single time we cook together. — Interactivity producer Haley Crum

I keep telling her to stop calling me.

 My dad, on Janet Jackson. — Interactivity producer Bethonie Butler

And I didn’t drop you when I caught you with my Johnny Bench catcher’s mitt.

Every year on my birthday, my dad reminds me he had a hand in delivering me at the hospital. — Interactivity producer Jodi Westrick

 What are your dad quotes? Leave them in the comments below or tweet them to us with the hashtag #stuffmydadsays. Happy father’s day!