Let’s face it — our legislators are not always the best behaved.

Case in point: Earlier this week, Mohammad Shawabka, a Jordanian member of parliament, threw his shoe and then proceeded to pull a gun on former parliament member Mansour Murad during a live television broadcast.

The footage — which went viral — can be seen below:

Shawabka’s tantrum, though extreme, is not the first violent outburst we’ve seen from politicians across the globe.

In Ukraine, lawmakers consistently erupt in violence over parliamentary decisions, most recently over extending a lease for a naval base to the Russian government. And in Taiwan, legislative sessions are often punctuated by fistfights, not to mention thrown kitchenware and food.

From Ukraine and Taiwan to Italy and Iran, see our selection of memorable fights between politicians below:

View Photo Gallery: Appearances aside, legislative bodies are not always the most formal places. Here’s our selection of politicians throwing some wicked punches.

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