John Oliver really likes this story. (The Daily Show.)

To cheer the country up, “The Daily Show’s” John Oliver provided a feel-good David and Goliath story, albeit one from last year, of a Florida couple taking on America’s biggest bank.

Warren and Maureen Nyerges’s home was foreclosed on by Bank of America in 2010, according to the Naples Daily News. The problem? They paid for the house in cash and didn’t have a mortgage.

They decided to sue Bank of America with help from the only person willing to take their case: a lawyer named Todd Allen who had been practicing for eight months.

Allen admitted he was a tad worried about his inexperience, but told Oliver, “I was so mad at Bank of America I had to act.”

BOA dropped the case and a judge ordered the bank to pay the couple’s legal fees. It did not. So after five months of waiting, they took a moving truck and the sheriff to foreclose on the bank branch. The repo men told Oliver it took them “two seconds” to realize how awesome their task was. The Nyerges got a check.

Oliver loved the story so much he had to spread the word and give it a film treatment. “The Forecloser” stars Oliver as a leather jacket sporting Allen and actor Liev Schreiber as the bank manager. It will be coming soon to a theater near you ( I wish.)

Watch the segment below.