At Battery Rosecrans on Morris Island, S.C., three Confederate 100-pounder Parrot rifles fire against Fort Sumter. (Haas & Peale)

The Post’s AJ Chavar traveled to Fort Sumter, where men and women recreate the life behind the fort’s walls each year, remembering the war that tore apart the fabric of our country, killing 2 percent of the population by the time it ended.

For those who want to go back in time digitally, The Post has taken to Twitter to tweet the Civil War, each battle 140 characters at a time. Follow @CivilWarwp for more.

US Army Capt James Chester: “A flash of distant lightning... followed by the dull roar of a mortar, told us that the bombardment had begun”less than a minute ago via HootSuite Favorite Retweet ReplyCivil War WaPo