(Allison Bell)

Totally Fried Kool-Aid is the latest rage in all things awful to eat. Making its debut at the San Diego County Fair (better known as the Del Mar Fair to locals), the Kool-Aid ball has seemed to capture the country’s insatiable urge for making their meals as processed and fake and fattening as possible. Well done, us!

“Chicken” Charlie Boghosian, the inventor of the Kool-Aid ball, told the San Diego Union-Tribune that in the opening weekend, he plowed through 150-pounds of Kool-Aid powder and 1,500 pounds of flour, as hungry fairgoers grabbed up his latest deep-fried delicacy.

The Del Mar Fair is a yearly bacchanalia of terrible food, kitschy concerts and ferris wheel rides. It’s also a longtime Bell Family Ritual. Matt Hoyt, my intrepid brother-in-law, attended this weekend and sampled some of the finer foods. My sister Allison Bell documented the delicacies:

Krispy Kreme donut chicken sandwich (Matt Hoyt)