It’s the end of an ice-cream-with-every-meal era for a few dozen American towns.

Friendly’s, a neighborhood restaurant chain founded in 1935, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy Wednesday, the Associated Press reports.

A Friendly's restaurant in Freeport, Maine. (Pat Wellenbach/AP)

(Check out a complete list of closures here.)

For decades, Friendly’s has been a burger-and-melts joint where friends and family could gather for a moderately priced meal. To this writer, it was the place to pick up a Fribble or another cold treat after school.

Many are expressing their heartbreak about Friendly’s situation on Twitter, where the restaurant is a trending topic.

“RIP Friendly’s. You gave us so many years of fried food, milkshakes and smiley face sundaes. You'll stay forever in my heart,” one Boston woman tweeted. An Ohio man simply wrote, “Noooooo!”

Even author Nicholson Baker is sad to see the spot where he’s done many hours of writing in trouble, according to Slate’s David Haglund.

Find out which spots are shutting down using the map below or this list. If your local Friendly’s has met its demise, share your memories in the comments.