Anti-Gaddafi fighters gesture to the crowds in front of a giant Kingdom of Libya flag. (Esam al-Fetori/Reuters)

It is impossible to independently verify the contents of this video, but questions surrounding the last minutes of Gaddafi’s life have dogged the newly liberated Libya.

The outgoing interim justice minister, Mohammed al-Alagi, told The Washington Post: “I hope you focus on more important questions than this. The Gaddafi issue is over ... the Libyans lost during this conflict more than 40,000 people because of Gaddafi.”

Human Rights Watch is still calling for an independent investigation into Gaddafi’s death, as well as into the deaths of 53 former loyalist soldiers who appeared to have been executed in a hotel in Sirte. The former dictator has still not been buried as questions linger.

The Russian Today first reported on the video, showing a man who identifies himself as Senad el Sadik el Ureybi. He said he shot Gaddafi in the head and the chest when some soldiers were attempting to take him away. Here is the RT report:

The YouTube video uploaded last week is titled “Rebel who killed the criminal Gaddafi and took his ring and his shirt.” He’s greeted with handshakes and hugs by a number of older men in what looks to be an office.

(H/t Atlantic Wire)