Storm clouds roll in over the U.S. Capitol building as people prepare for a possible shutdown. Will federal workers get a holiday soon? (Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg)

Laurent Gbagbo remains in bunker

Despite the efforts by the United Nations and France to calm the battle raging in Ivory Coast, the longtime leader of the warring nation, Laurent Gbagbo, does not seem willing to cede his final stronghold: a bunker in the capital city Abidjan.

Japan radioactive leak fixed

The Fukushima power plant has managed to plug the leak that allowed radioactive-contaminated water to spill out into the ocean. But that doesn’t mean the sea is safe. The plant will still need to pump contaminated water into the ocean because it has run out of storage space and the plant is still in crisis.

Mona Lisa may be exhumed

Unwilling to let Leonardo da Vinci’s greatest mystery rest in peace, former television producer-turned-grave-digger, Silvano Vinceti announced plans to dig up the remains of the women believed to be da Vinci’s model Lisa Gherardini. Vinceti wants to prove from skull fragments that she was, in fact, the smiling lady. Vinceti has made a name for himself in Italy after claiming to unearth the bones of artist Caravaggio and “Inferno’s” Dante.

A miniature giraffe and a jumping cow

For the animal lovers out there: