Despite telling police that he was brutally attacked by Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman had no apparent signs of bruising or bleeding when he was brought in for questioning on the night of the shooting. A surveillance video obtained by ABC News shows a handcuffed Zimmerman without visible injuries.

Trayvon’s father Tracy Martin told Washington Post reporters and editors in an interview yesterday that he did not believe the police account he was given — that his son had initiated two confrontations with Zimmerman before the neighborhood watch volunteer fatally shot Trayvon.

“That was bull,” Tracy Martin told The Post. “No way. At that point, I knew there was something terribly wrong.”

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Apollo 11

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos wants to recover Apollo 11 engines from the Atlantic. The Internet billionaire found the F-1 engines 14,000 feet under the water using sonar during an undersea expedition. (Bezos Expeditions)

The Apollo 11 announcement comes just days after another high-profile dive. Filmmaker James Cameron descended seven miles to the ocean’s deepest point in the Mariana Trench in the western Pacific earlier this week, the deepest solo dive ever. Cameron says he plans to release a 3-D movie on the dive. (Associated Press)

Arab League summit

Blasts were heard in Baghdad as the summit on a Syria peace plan opened in the Iraqi capital Thursday. Two of the blasts occurred near the Iranian embassy, according to witnesses. (BBC)

The summit has gotten a poor showing, with only 10 leaders from the 22-member Arab League in attendance. But it is nevertheless a historic moment — the summit marks the first international gathering in Iraq in decades. (AP)


U.S. troops in Afghanistan to get “guardian angels.”. As the number of attacks by Afghan soldiers on U.S. troops climbs, U.S. top commander in Afghanistan, Marine Gen. John Allen, has ordered safekeepers to watch over their comrades while they sleep. Among the other safety measures: Desks are being rearranged so that they face the door and soldiers can see possible attackers as they enter. (AP)