A merry-go-round turns inside of the cooling tower of a former nuclear power plant in Kalkar, Germany, near the border with the Netherlands, on May 28. After construction on the plant began in 1977, it was converted to a leisure fun park “Wunderland Kalkar.” (Patrik Stollarz/AFP/Getty Images)

The move represents an about-face for German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government, but comes in reaction to the crisis at the Fukushima power plant in Japan after damage from a earthquake and tsunami earlier this year

Germany’s decision also echoed that of Switzerland, which last week decided to phase out nuclear power by 2034, and of Japan, which abandoned its target of generating around 50 per cent of its electricity from nuclear power by 2030 after the crisis.

But other countries merely shrugged at Germany’s decision, and continued on their merry nuclear way.

The French government has reacted to Germany’s decision by reiterating that France’s nuclear energy allows both businesses and individuals to pay significantly less for electricity than their German neighbors.

Prime Minister François Fillon said that France “respects the German decision but does not share it.”

Energy-hungry developing nations such as China, India, Mexico, and Iran also continued to move forward on plans to build more nuclear plants.

The Ottawa Citizen newspaper in Canada published a piece in response to Germany’s decision called “The world needs nuclear power.”

Two journalists in Japan who covered the nuclear crisis at Fukushima tweeted their reaction to Germany’s announcement:

Tru RT @jakeadelstein Can’t say I’m anti-nuke. It just shouldn’t be run for profit by civilians -- too dangerous for profit to be precedent.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet ReplyJames Gunsalus

As expected, Russia did not blink at Germany’s decision, except to be thrilled that Germany would become only more dependent on Russia’s energy company Gazprom for natural gas than ever before.

While some American senators have questioned the use of nuclear power after Japan’s crisis, the U.S., too, has remained committed to building new plants, even announcing this week that it was getting its first digital nuclear power plant. In a recent poll conducted by Harris, 40 percent of the U.S. public is in favor of building new reactors, according to the Financial Times.

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