Is it a surfer or a shark? (CBS News)

Huge overhead waves have been pounding the coast of San Diego, luring surfers into the waters, but they may have company.

Great white sharks visit the San Diego waters in the warm summer months, partly for the sea lions that rest in the waters near the beach town of La Jolla. This year, three sightings in the past two weeks have some swimmers on edge.

In the beach town of Encinitas, in San Diego North County, on Thursday, one local man caught what may be photographic evidence. In his photograph, what looks to be a shark’s fin slices through a wave near a beach spot called Swami’s. Others aren’t so sure:

Whether it is or isn’t a shark, my advice: get into the water anyway.

This is not to say that shark attacks don't happen. In 2010, six people died of shark attacks around the world. But cows and candy machines kill more people than sharks do.

So regardless of the powerful fear of sharks, which the movie "Jaws" has permanently imprinted on our society, I still say — go surf.

(Full disclosure: I grew up near the beach in Encinitas. In three weeks, I’ll be back to visit my parents. We’ll probably take my own advice and go swimming with the fishes, big and small.)

Update: Blogpost reader and marine biologist Marcelo Szpilman writes in with his take, “I cannot say exactly what it is, but it sure is not a white shark, because the shape of the caudal fin is different.” Ocean, here I come!