French 2 Television confirmed on their Twitter account that Gilles Jacquier died in Syria on Wednesday.

Gilles Jacquier of France 2 television (Kenzo Tribouillard/AFP/Getty Images)

Jacquier was traveling with a group of reporters on a government-sponsored trip in Homs when the group was caught in a rocket explosion. Jacquier, a well-known and award-winning foreign correspondent, was killed and another journalist was injured.

Ian Black of the Guardian was with a second tour group and reports that he believes a rocket-propelled grenade hit Jacquier’s vehicle. Eight Syrians were also killed in the attack.

As The Post’s Column Lynch reported on Tuesday, more than 400 people have been killed in Syria since December 27th, when Arab League monitors arrived in the country.

The Post’s Liz Sly reports on Twitter that the Syria government said Jacquier’s death proves opposition “armed and dangerous,” but opposition says the government is responsible for the attack, saying the government did it to turn the West against the opposition. “Ironically, death of journalist Gilles Jacquier comes days after government opened door somewhat for press visas,” Sly writes on Twitter. “That it was 10 months before first journalist died in Syria is a measure of how few journalists have had access. This is a very bloody revolution.”

French 2 Television, Jacquier’s media organization, tweeted out their sincere condolences to the journalist’s family. They also released a tribute to the reporter:

A chaotic video of the aftermath can be seen here. Warning: there are very graphic images.

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