Emily Burch, 7, center, bursts out of a cookie lineup during the 2012 Girl Scouts Cookie Rally in Irvine, Calif. (Mindy Schauer/AP)

Gone are those halcyon days. The kid-friendly corporation has come under attack from small groups of religious conservatives. To protest the protest, though, people have come up with a sweet solution: Buy more cookies.

This weekend, The Post’s columnist Robert McCartney writes about the “smear campaign against the Girl Scouts that’s starting to have an impact.”

I see the next generation of a treasured institution about to celebrate 100 years of giving girls a chance to hike and camp, learn skills such as gardening and first aid, and build character and leadership.

But some religious conservatives see something very different: representatives of a dangerous, secular organization that aggressively promotes abortion and quietly encourages paganism, homosexuality and other alleged social ailments.

Already, some churches are pulling their support of the troops, by revoking meeting spaces. A social media campaign implored people to stop buying the cookies.

So, to counteract that, McCartney and others are advising a buying campaign: Show your support by eating Thin Mints.

Dave Lieberman of the OC Weekly writes, “for those of us who think your boycott is wrongheaded and prejudiced, there’s a solution: the Girl Scout Cookie Locator, an app available for the iPhone through the App Store.”

It could be the effect of the counterprotest or perhaps everyone just really wants to try the newest cookie Savannah Smiles. Either way, the Girl Scouts seem to be winning this round. The Washington area council leader Lidia Soto-Harmon told McCartney initial orders on the cookies were up more than 6 percent.