(The one and only, Glenn Beck (Nikki Kahn/WP))

Since Beck’s run on Fox began in 2009, he has provided a number of memorable and controversial TV moments, the best of which can be viewed below.

Beck and the puppets

In November 2010, Beck got very literal when explaining his theory on “progressive puppet master” George Soros using, well, puppets. While the theory is highly debatable, Beck’s puppeteering skills were quite good.

Beck and the Nazis

Beck came under fire several times for using Nazis, Nazism and Nazi propaganda footage to draw comparisons between his subjects, progressives and liberals. On “The Daily Show,” Lewis Black pointed out a few of the most questionable uses. Post opinion writer Dana Milbank also commented on what he called “Beck’s Jewish obsession.”

Beck and the Restoring Honor Rally

Perhaps Beck’s best known show was his 828 Restoring Honor Rally, which attracted from 87,000 and 500,000 people, depending on whom you ask. Held on the anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream Speech” from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, Beck, with guests including former governor, author and reality star Sarah Palin, asked the crowd to turn back to God and support the troops.

Beck and Obama’s Oligarhy

Beck’s show would have been a completely different experience without the chalkboard. Here, Beck uses his greatest visual tool to demonstrates how the first letters of “Obama,” “left,” “internationalist,” “graft,” “ACORN,” ”Revolutionaries” and “hidden agendas” show “y” America is turning into an oligarchy, or “oligarhy,”as it were.

Beck and the tears

If you’ve watch Beck’s show at all, you know he’s not afraid to hide his emotions. On a 2009 broadcast, Beck’s tears when he spoke of fear for his country inspired jabs from everyone from Jon Stewart to Fox News’ Shepard Smith. Beck’s tendency to break into crying jags was portrayed in his GQ photo shoot.