(Pedro Ugarte/AFP/Getty Images)

WORLD: Kabul attack kills at least 9

In an attack reminiscent of the November, 2009 Mumbai hotel attacks, six terrorists descended on the Hotel Inter-Continental in Kabul around midnight Wednesday. Above, soliders can be seen leaving after the conflict.The Post’s Pamela Constable writes: “Kamel Khan, 32, a businessman, was chatting with two friends on the poolside terrace of the hilltop Intercontinental Hotel Tuesday night when he heard a burst of gunfire and looked up. A man carrying a machine gun, with an ammunition belt across his chest and a knapsack on his back, was standing a few feet away.”

BUSINESS: Bank of America settles claims of $8.5 billion

After investors claimed Bank of America sold bonds on mortgages that should have been foreclosed on, the bank has agreed to payout $8.5 billion. The investors originally sought $47 billion, but the original principal balance topped the scales at $424 billion.

FASHION: Feather hairstyle irks fishermen

No, the anglers do not dislike the new hairstyle for satorial reasons. Rather, the latest hair craze — stitching feathers into hair to stay for a few months at a time — has fashionistas snapping up the same feathers used in fly fishing.

TECH: Google +1 a promising social network?

The new invite-only rollout of Google’s latest attempt to battle Facebook, Google +1 is getting positive reviews from the inital users. TechCrunch reports: “Google+ actually may remind me more of FriendFeed than anything else. But instead of being the ghost town that FriendFeed became after its acquisition by Facebook, Google+ feels like an frontier town that could erupt with growth if gold is found.”

TECH: Pope sends his first tweet

There’s something in­cred­ibly sweet about this video where the Pope learns about the iPad and sends a tweet out to the world.