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In Iowa, amid county fair food and talks of corporations being people, nine Republican presidential hopefuls took to a stage to spar over marriage, Mickey Mouse and big government spending. Pictured above Mitt Romney engaged in tough talk with a fair goer before he took the stage for a GOP debate that was “the roughest exchange thus far,” in the 2012 election, Karen Tumulty and Philip Rucker wrote. Read all about it here.

WORLD: 600 people have been charged in the London riots

With jails filled to the brim and courts staying open late to process those arrested, London police said that almost 600 people have been charged with violent disorder and looting in the deadly riots in Britian’s capital. Several people have died, including three men run down by a car defending their neighborhood and a 68-year-old man who confronted rioters on a London street.

BUSINESS: Stock markets rally

It’s a roller coaster ride at Wall Street. Markets surged after a positive jobs report gave some hopeful signals about the U.S. economy.

WORLD: Ai Weiwei’s “mental torture” in detention

Ai Weiwei, the recently released Chinese artist, offered up some details about how he suffered during his three-month detention. “It is designed as a kind of mental torture, and it works well,” he told the New York Times.