The Trayvon Martin case will not go to a grand jury, special prosecutor Angela Corey said Monday.

Sanford City Manager Norton Bonaparte Jr. speaks to the media April 9 as Florida State Attorney Angela Corey announced she would not use a grand jury in the investigation of the death of Trayvon Martin. (David Manning/Reuters)

As all sides await a decision, Zimmerman has spoken out for the first time in his defense. A Web site,, says its “sole purpose” is to “ensure my supporters ... are receiving my full attention without any intermediaries.” Zimmerman’s lawyer confirmed to Reuters that the site was his client’s. The site has a Paypal section that is accepting donations for Zimmerman’s legal defense.

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USS Enterprise

The USS Enterprise is heading to the Persian Gulf in its final deployment. Afterwards, the carrier group will be deactivated and decommissioned. (CNN)

The deployment comes as tensions continue to rise with Iran over its nuclear program. The carriers are intended to support American military operations in Afghanistan and some anti-piracy efforts. But they will also patrol the strategic oil routes in the gulf that Iran has threatened to close. (AP)

Syria pullout

Syrian activists report military attacks despite the supposed start of the U.N.-Arab League cease-fire plan. Military forces were supposed to withdraw by 6 a.m. Tuesday, and both sides were to cease all hostilities. Syrian activists say they have no sign of major troop pullback. (Associated Press)

Conflict in Syria spilled over into neighboring Lebanon and Turkey on Monday. One Lebanese cameraman was killed and at least four people were injured. The Turkish government said the spillover risked bringing the conflict a “new stage.” (The Post)

Robert Mugabe

Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe turns 88 today. A lavish party, soccer tournament and beauty pageant have been planned for the occasion, but the celebrations have been marred by rumors the president is dead. On the eve of his birthday, Mugabe told Radio Zimbabwe he was “fit as a fiddle.” (GlobalPost)