Antoine Dodson, center right, performs with the Gregory Brothers at the 15th Annual Webby Awards in New York on June 13. (Charles Sykes/AP)

The Gregory Brothers, the group behind viral videos like the “Bed Intruder Song” and the entire Auto-Tune the News series, have now made that possible by releasing an app that allows users to turn speech into song.

Songify allows you to record anything — a headline, a news clip, a poem you wrote, a diatribe — into your iPhone, and it will then create an auto-tuned song with your words. You can choose from beats from Gregory Brothers’ hits, including “Bed Intruder,” “Winning” and “Double Rainbow,” and then share the finished songs on Twitter, Facebook, or over e-mail.

“This is the next level for democratizing this for our fans,” Michael Gregory told Mashable. “Because they’re always asking us, ‘How can I do this, too? Like when I see a Double Rainbow, I want to scream out in joy, but that won’t make it into a song. How do I do that?’ So now we’re able to interact with them and give them the opportunity to do that.”

One of the first customer reviews for the app, from a user named “Birthday Mama,” was simply: “Oh my god! Oh my god!!” Her review sound s like the beginning of a Songify-ed auto-tune already.