In January 2011, Egyptians also favored painting their leader with a Hitler mustache. (Linda Davidson/THE WASHINGTON POST)

British police in the rural hamlet of Pitcombe are trying to hunt down the vandal who drew a Hitler mustache on a poster of a local Conservative councilor, the Telegraph reported Wednesday.

Councilor Mike Beech himself reported the vandalism to police, who have put at least four officers on the case. Police have visited the village three times, and conducted house-to-house interviews at each of the hamlet’s 20 houses.

“Everyone I have spoken to thinks it is completely over the top,” David Issitt, a 58-year-old carpenter who lives in Pitcombe, told the Telegraph. “Even the constable who visited me told me he had better things to do.”

Mr. Beech doesn’t think so, however, saying the poster could be deemed to cause him “harassment, alarm and distress.”

“This is something I am trying to forget,” Beech said.

Earlier this month, neighboring Gloucestershire police were criticized for spending $33,128 on an operation to arrest suspected small-time scrap metal thieves.

Last year, the British police force reportedly sent a van full of officers to oversee a calendar model posing in the street in her underwear. Thames Valley Police insisted they were acting on a tip that the model planned to walk naked down the street.