Ingvar Kamprad, founder and leader of the Swedish company IKEA, stands outside the company's head office in Almhult in Aug. 6, 2002. (SCANPIX/REUTERS)

A new book alleges that Ingvar Kamprad, the octagenarian founder of IKEA, was heavily involved in the Swedish Nazi party, the Associated Press reports.

In 1994, Kamprad was accused of having ties in his youth to the fascist group New Swedish Movement, an affiliation he has called the “greatest mistake of my life.” But new revelations by journalist Elisabeth Åsbrink suggest Kamprad may have failed to come clean about the full extent of his Nazi past.

Åsbrink writes that Kamprad “missed no opportunity to work for the movement,” details his time as recruiter for the party, and notes that he gave particular praise to a man who saw Hitler as “Europe’s saviour.”

Kamprad’s spokesperson said the findings are nothing new and that IKEA “is based on democratic principles and embraces a multicultural society.”