Five members of a Dehli family have been sentenced to death for killing a young couple in 2010, the BBC reports.

The parents, uncle, aunt and cousin of a teenage girl named Asha were arrested the day after they fatally beat and tortured Asha and her young lover, Yogesh, for attempting to elope. The family opposed the union because Yogesh and Asha were from different castes.

“It can be safely concluded that the prosecution has been able to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the accused persons had caused the death of the victims with the common intention after giving them merciless beatings by tying them with rope and thereafter electrocuting them on various parts of their body,” Additional Sessions Judge Ramesh Kumar said, according to the BBC.

The incident was described as an “honor killing,” hundreds of which occur in India each year. Last year, in an attempt to curb the practice, India’s Supreme Court ruled that honor killings are a capital offense.

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