Gaddafi supporters during a youth rally in Tripoli in March. (Chris Helgren/Reuters)

Gaddafi appeared for the first time since his son’s death on a video filmed at the same hotel chock-full of foreign correspondents. It’s what The Washington Post’s Liz Sly called “luxury imprisonment,” where there are “whirlpool bathtubs in every room, a sumptuous spa and guards armed with Kalashnikovs posted at the gate. Their job, it is clear, is to keep journalists in, not intruders out.”

After the footage of Gaddafi aired, Robert Mackey at the Lede reported that journalists were confused as to how all of them lounging in the lobby, restaurant and pool missed seeing the Libyan leader entering and exiting the hotel. “So this hotel is packed full of journalists and cameras, and Gaddafi manages to slip in and perhaps out under our noses #offermyresignation,” tweeted Angus Walker, a correspondent for the UK news channel ITV.

Sullivan raised the supposition on Thursday that the leader might actually be in residence at the hotel, positing, “Well, he probably won't be killed there, will he?”