What do you do with hundreds of bottles of scotch whiskey and other kinds of alcohol?

If you are in the Free Syrian Army, you destroy it. Or at least that is what members of the Syrian rebel group were doing in al-Bab city near Aleppo, according to a video posted on YouTube. In the video, a man holding a gun reads from a piece of paper to chants of “Allahu akbar” (God is great) while another man pour gasoline over hundreds of bottles of alcohol. Then they ignite the gasoline.

A rough translation of what the purported rebel is saying before burning the alcohol is posted on LiveLeak, a video-sharing Web site:

“In the name of god, in our holy book the alcohol is forbidden,and people who selling alcohol are devils and we must fight them. We did seize all that liquor from people who supports the infidel al-Assad, and in the future we will keep doing that till we clean syria from all liquor.”

Another video posted on LiveLeak shows two men, who are described as “members of the Free Syrian Army,” throwing away cartons of alcohol after seizing them from a truck.

In yet another video posted on LiveLeak, a man stands in front of a truck loaded with what appear to be cases of beer bottles. Then men start throwing the bottles out of the truck.

Note: It is not possible to independently verify that the men shown destroying alcohol are in fact members of the rebel Free Syrian Army.

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