A hacker believed to be Saudi Arabian has retaliated against a hacker believed to be Israeli who was retaliating against the same Saudi one. So many credit card details have now been illegally hacked and published it’s hard to keep track.

Israeli credit cards. (YouTube)

To make things even more confusing, the Israeli hacker who is retaliating also calls himself “OxOmer” (with an “e” instead of “a” and an “O” instead of an “0”). More formally, he goes by Omer Cohen. Cohen has published the names and numbers of hundreds of Saudi credit cards online and also threatens to post hundreds more, the BBC reports. Saudi banking officials have said the hack is miniscule in comparison to the size of the banking sector.

Other information about the two, similarly named hackers is scant. The Saudi hacker claims to be from a Wahabi hacker collective called Group-XP, although Israeli news site Ynet News claims he is a 19-year-old cafe employee from Mexico.

Cohen describes himself as an Israeli soldier serving in military intelligence. The military has not responded to this claim. He is quoted as saying the cards in his possession are “a gift to the world for new year.”

The cards seem to be the gift that keeps on giving for both Saudi Arabia and Israel, who have a notoriously bitter relationship. The Saudis do not recognize Israel as a state.